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WG Legislation

This Working Group of legal experts from Organization Members meet regularly and:

  • deals with current legal and political issues at national and at European level
  • discusses cross border aspects of accident insurance e.g. concerning the coordination of Social security (regulations 883/04 and 987/09)
  • provides the "Enlarged Bureau" and the General Assembly with legal expertise and reports
  • initiates Forum declarations on current subjects
  • initiates and prepares hearings with European experts (e.g. Hearing with Georg Fischer, EU Commission, Copenhagen 2008; Gunter Danner, DSVEV, Belgium 2010)
  • deals with cross border aspects in case of accidents at work and occupational diseases


Eva-Marie Höffer (DGUV) - Eva-Marie.Hoeffer@dguv.de



  • Michael Janotka, Michael Maltrovsky (AUVA, Austria)
  • Pierre Pots, Pascale Lambert (Fédris, Belgium)
  • Leif Rasmussen (ASE, Denmark)
  • Kirsi Salo, Kirsi Pohjolainen (TVK, Finland)
  • Ilka Woelfle (co-chair, Commissioner for European Affairs for the European forum)
  • Richard Wurbs (SPV/LSV Germany)
  • Alfredo Nicifero (INAIL, Italy)
  • Linda Schumacher (AAA, Luxemburg)
  • vacant - (CNPRP, Portugal)
  • Carmen Pluteanu (CNPAS, Romania)
  • Jose Antonio Meneses del Peso - Vanesa Rodriguez (AMAT, Spain)
  • Beat Widmer (SUVA, Switzerland)