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WG Legislation

This Working Group Legislation unites specialists from the member organisations. The Group deals with current legal and political issues at national and European level and provides the bodies of European Forum with its expertise.


The Working Group works on legal questions of interest for or submitted by members focusing on accidents at work and occupational diseases and their prevention. Furthermore, the Group addresses cross-border issues such as the coordination of social security systems as well as topics at national level, which are equally relevant for all members.


In order to fulfil its responsibilities, the Working Group prepares reports,  declarations and positions of the European Forum and holds hearings with European experts on prevailing subjects.




Eva-Marie Höffer (DGUV) - Eva-Marie.Hoeffer@dguv.de



  • Michael Janotka, Michael Maltrovsky (AUVA, Austria)
  • Pierre Pots, Pascale Lambert (Fédris, Belgium)
  • Leif Rasmussen (ASE, Denmark)
  • Kirsi Salo, Kirsi Pohjolainen (TVK, Finland)
  • Ilka Woelfle (co-chair, Commissioner for European Affairs for the European forum)
  • Richard Wurbs (SPV/LSV Germany)
  • Alfredo Nicifero (INAIL, Italy)
  • Linda Schumacher (AAA, Luxemburg)
  • vacant - (CNPRP, Portugal)
  • Carmen Pluteanu (CNPAS, Romania)
  • Jose Antonio Meneses del Peso - Vanesa Rodriguez (AMAT, Spain)
  • Beat Widmer (SUVA, Switzerland)