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Conferences' proceedings

Each President is in charge of organizing a conference on a relevant issue for the European Forum Members.

The aim of these conferences is to promote the exchange of information and experience between members and more widely between European level players.

Most recent past conferences

Building Bridges - Working together - Vienna, September 10-11, 2015

Building Bridges - Work - between labor and fulfillment - Vienna, June 12-13, 2014

Conference organized by TVL - Helsinki, June 18, 2013

Adding value through international cooperation 
Conference organized by DGUV - Dresden, June 21, 2011

Compensation for permanent damage resulting from work-related injuries
Conference organized by CNAMTS - Paris, June 22-23, 2009
French version

Work-related mental disorders 

Conference organized by Arbejdsskadestyrelsen - Copenhagen, June 17-18, 2008



The European way(s) back to work
Conference organized by SUVA - Lucerne, June 28-29, 2007


Insurance against accidents at work and occupational diseases in the EU 25
Conference organized by AUVA – Vienna, September 5 – 6, 2005

Customer Orientation in Social Accident Insurance
Conference organized by SUVA - Lucerne, June 25, 1999

Cost Management in Social Accident Insurance
Conference organized by SUVA - Lucerne, September 17.-18, 1998

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